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Our Daily CrossFit workout. Far from the random butt kicking you see elsewhere our group classes are based on continually evolving programming moving athletes towards ever-greater levels of fitness. Classes are built around constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. The intensity is relative and everything can be scaled up or down to meet individual needs – so group classes can fit just about anyone. The energy in the group class will have you consistently seeing gains as you crush previous records in this supportive environment. Prior CrossFit experience or completion of our Fundamentals course is required.

CF Express

CrossFit Express is an abbreviated version of our standard CrossFit class and will have you in and out in only 45 minutes! Prior CrossFit experience or completion of our Fundamentals course is required.

CF Fundamentals

Xplore CrossFit runs introductory classes to allow groups of new folks to learn the foundational movements together in a non-intimidating, safe environment. These 8 sessions provide a baseline understanding and appreciation of the basic movements and tenets of our gym. A new Fundamentals course begins the first Tuesday of each month.


Yin yoga is an active form of "rest" that intends to maintain or increase range of motion for injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as promoting healthy muscle and connective tissue for maximum sports performance. Postures are done exclusively on the ground in seated and laying down positions. Each posture is held for 2-5 minutes and while this work can often be described as quite intense, a significant emphasis is placed on maintaining a meditative, restful state throughout the duration of the class. This is achieved by a commitment to stillness in mind and body while in the postures. Holding stillness in the postures for the full duration allows the body to expand its range of motion and signals for healing and growth of the working tissues

Iron Addicts

Iron Addicts is a strength training class with a heavy emphasis lifting heavy things. Often. As in every day. Barbells, chains, bands, squats, bench, dead, press, carry, lift, load, if those words made you feel warm inside then you have found your home. If those words make you a little nervous then maybe you should come get stronger with us. Like my man Mark Rippetoe says, “strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” We are extracting weakness every weekday from 11-12.

Indeed Corporate Class

Weekly class for employees at Indeed.


Comprehensive Monthly Nutrition No purchase required to enroll